01, 2024

Congratulatory message from President Vahagn Khachaturyan on the Army formation day

Dear compatriots,

Generals, officers and soldiers, military personnel and reservists of the Armenian Army,

The formation of the Armed Forces on January 28, 1992, was the crystallization of our people's cherished desires in the struggle for independence and sovereignty, which proved the right of the Republic of Armenia to exist.

For more than three decades, the Armed Forces have gone through a difficult path of establishment, along with the building of our statehood. In this way, the Army has overcome numerous trials, won victories, and tasted the bitterness of losses. But in sum, our Army has been and remains the major and the most reliable guarantor of the security and protection of our State, homeland and citizens.

Today, celebrating the 32nd anniversary of the formation of the Army, we bow to the memory of those who defended independence and security of our country at the cost of their lives and, at the same time, express our gratitude and appreciation to the military personnel of the Armenian Army, who, regardless of weather or any other conditions, selflessly guard the peace and security of our country's borders, the safety of our citizens.

Dear nation,

I congratulate all of us on the day of the Army's formation and wish all our military personnel strength of spirit and courage for the sake of peace and the strengthening of the Republic of Armenia.

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