09, 2023

President Vahagn Khachaturyan's address on Armenia’s Independence Day

Dear compatriots,

I congratulate us all on the 32nd anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Armenia.

In the referendum held on September 21, 1991, our citizens made a decision that "the Republic of Armenia is an independent and democratic state, outside of the USSR."

The question posed by the independence referendum reflected the ultimate goal that our country should achieve: to be independent, democratic, and sovereign.

Armenia's independence was being forged in the most difficult period for our people. However, our new statehood was able to withstand war, blockade, economic crisis, and many other ordeals, and it strengthened and established itself as a viable, developing, and democratic state. However, sovereignty and freedom are not a one-time attainable destination or a solvable problem, but a daily hard, selfless, and sometimes sacrificial struggle.

Dear citizens of the Republic of Armenia,

Today, our people, our independence, and our statehood are still experiencing hard trials, withstanding blows, and, unfortunately, suffering losses. Our statehood, sovereignty, our exclusive right to shape the destiny and future of the country and people are facing repeated challenges. Nonetheless, I believe that ordeals are unable to break the spirit of our people, the will to create, and as our famous actor Khoren Abrahamyan said back in 1991, "By saying 'Yes', we should, first of all, rely on ourselves, and that 'Yes' will be attained insofar as we are ready to survive, work, make sacrifices and struggle."

Today, with collective will, dedication, hard work, and solidarity, we must assert that the "Yes" of 1991 is irreversible and irrevocable, that Armenia's sovereignty, independence, democracy, and welfare are non-negotiable values and unalterable goals that we will certainly achieve through our efforts, strengthening as a state and consolidating as a society.

Once again, I congratulate us all on our national day and wish peace and fortitude to our country. 

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