04, 2022

Congratulations of the President of the Republic Vahagn Khachaturyan on the Feast of the Miraculous Resurrection of Christ

Today, our people and our church celebrate with great enthusiasm and solemnity one of the most beloved and the brightest holidays, the Miraculous Resurrection of Christ, the Holy Easter.

The Armenian people, who were the first to declare Christianity as the state religion in the world, seem to have repeated the fate of Christ. Experiencing a renaissance after the Genocide, we passed with dignity the stormy roads of the 20th century, restored our independence, and are confidently shaping the future.

The Holy Easter is traditionally a family holiday, and I cordially wish all Armenian families and your homes, good health, peaceful and prosperous life, solidarity and all the best.

May this festive day of spring awakening grant our compatriots, Armenians all over the world well-being, optimism, prosperity, and longevity as well as rich wisdom and unwavering determination in overcoming the existing difficulties and challenges; I wish all of us new attainments in the sacred cause of improving our native country.

And today, as we have for centuries, we repeat with love, hope, and faith

this happy news:

Christ has risen from the dead:

Blessed is the resurrection of Christ! 

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