09, 2021

Congratulations from President Armen Sarkissian on the Knowledge and Schooling Day

Dear pupils, students, teachers, lecturers, educators, and parents,

Congratulations on Knowledge and Schooling Day, and the start of a new school year.

Education opens the way to a new life and a new world. Be brave and confident. Open all doors through knowledge, open with your willpower and the impulse of your hearts, diligence, helping each other, trusting each other, learning from each other.

Believe that you can make positive changes with your knowledge, energy, perseverance, and faith, and be of use to the Homeland, Nation, Family, and of course, yourself.

Dear pupils and students,

This school year starts at the threshold of the thirty years of Armenia’s independence. You are creating the future of our country just like your parents and grandparents made Armenia and Artsakh independent, the same way as our ancestors fought for freedom, independence and future throughout our history.

The 21st century is that of thought and knowledge, technology and creativity. We are able and obliged to participate in the rapid development and progress of the world.

The talent of our people, together with diligence, purposefulness, and responsibility, can produce results. And that is also thanks to you!

The most difficult heights, which often seem inaccessible, can be conquered if these qualities are supplemented by patriotism and desire to do something for the sake of homeland and common national interests. Learn to overcome challenges and to pursue dreams without despair, to make, to create, and to take responsibility for the fate of the homeland.

Be faithful to the heritage of the past, to our identity, and believe in tomorrow.

Dear teachers, lecturers, and educators,

Tomorrow is shaped by your dedicated work and those efforts you invest into educating and bringing up generations. I am sure you all realize that the ability of the education system to keep pace with the times will determine Armenia's place in the rapidly developing world. As the most significant part of the genuine elite of Armenia, you carry out a special mission of building the future of our country. It depends on you what our Homeland will be like in ten, fifty, or hundred years.

I believe in our inevitable success. It is essential for every one of us to believe in it and participate in bringing it closer by our knowledge, abilities, and opportunities.

I wish you all peace, happiness and prosperity.


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