05, 2020

President Sarkissian’s congratulatory message on the occasion of the Last Call: Let the Last Call, which is traditionally to be heard in schools, ring first of all in your hearts and souls

Dear graduates,

This year, the Last Call, as an event, is unusual, without special celebrations. However, celebrations are just external manifestation of the event. You are graduating from school, you are graduating from an interesting, emotional and sentimental period of your life. You are not schoolchildren any more. I know, it is a little sad for you. But, at the same time, you are glad that have grown up and matured, that are able to move forward more independently, that you are going to face new challenges, that you will see and fell deeper and more intimately: life is always beautiful, no matter how difficult and unpredictable.

My dear friends,

The ending of this academic year is unique, as unique as our country’s and the world’s daily life in recent months. Nevertheless, it has many human traits and an invisible force which moves us forward.

You have had more time to learn about yourselves, to be closer to your friends, to better understand your feelings and to ponder longer about yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Your parents and relatives too, have had many opportunities to understand you, to look into your face and soul.

You have been away from your friends and missed your daily regular contacts with them. But because of it, you have also had the opportunity to know them better and to appreciate even more the value of friendship and your class as your family and your school – as your home.

School is a place where you mingle, share thoughts and emotions, fall in love and confess for the first time; it’s a place where you mature. However, first and foremost, it is a place to get knowledge and education.

My young fellow citizens,

Time and the world are moving at a great speed. Knowledge will help you understand your place in time and space, will help you see right before you and glance far ahead.
Cling tight to knowledge but at the same time develop your abilities and skills, and, why not, also you talents.

Knowledge will guide you throughout your life in the form of life experience, information, and a door opening key - today and tomorrow, now and later. Later has arrived already; it started yesterday and pushes us forward. It compels us to think faster, act faster, be more efficient. I am confident that you will be able to make the best of the today’s opportunity to think, to create, to be creative and certainly to live. During these months, you learned to use information technologies and new teaching methods more skillfully, became better informed and were able to convey information better as to where and how the world is going.

Dear Graduates,

Let the Last Call, which is traditionally to be heard in schools and sends you off to a new life, ring first of all in your hearts and souls as a bell dinging for your dreams to come true.

Be healthy and happy, be optimistic and confident, be joyful and open-minded.

Future belongs to you especially since you are the ones who create it.

Safe trip to a new life!


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