09, 2019

President Armen Sarkissian’s remarks at the award ceremony held on the occasion of Independence Day

Distinguished Mr. Prime Minister,

Distinguished Speaker of the National Assembly,

Dear Soldiers and Officers,

Esteemed Representatives of intelligentsia,

Beloved Compatriots,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I congratulate us all on the approaching greatest state and national holiday – Independence Day.

Today, I have a gratifying and honorable mission – to hand state awards to the individuals who earned them through their dedicated work.

Dear Awardees,

I am confident that each of you, thinking of your work strive to fulfill it wholeheartedly, with the deepest sense of soul, mind, and dedication. Each of you are true masters of your work, real experts. I am grateful and thankful to each of you for your service and patriotic work. I also thank your families. I thank your parents, who gave you life and raised you the way you are today.

Dear Friends,

I know that whatever you do, you never anticipate thanks or appreciation. I am confident that it cannot be any other way because your work, your dedication come from within. It is also the sense of responsibility toward your Fatherland, people, family, and your work. As His Holiness Catholicos of All Armenians Vazgen I used to say “To create Fatherland is a heroic act, to build it is a mission”, and you are a part of that mission.

Today, Vehapar Vazgen I would turn 111 years old. It is symbolic that this ceremony is held on his birthday.

Dear Friends,

Twenty-eight years ago we declared free and independent state, validated the result of our all-national struggle.

Independence is an incontestable value; many of our nation’s best sons fought and gave their lives for it. Today, we remember them all with gratitude. We bow to their memory.

We bow to the memory of the freedom fighter Karen Sukiassian who today posthumously received a state award. I address my words of appreciation and gratitude to his mother, brother and family present in this hall.

Dear Mrs. Anik, dear Tigran, I thank you, your entire family for the enormous sacrifice which you and your young son made in the name of the Fatherland.

I once again congratulate us all on the occasion of Armenia’s Independence Day, a very bright holiday, and I congratulate you, dear friends, on receiving today state awards and ranks.

Happiness and success to all families and to our common home - the Republic of Armenia.

Long live the Republic of Armenia!

Long live the Republic of Artsakh!

Long live our nation in Armenia, Artsakh, and Spyurk!

Long live every citizen of the Republic of Armenia!

God bless us all. 

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