01, 2019

Statement of the President Armen Sarkissian on the Army Day

“Distinguished Mr. Prime Minister,

Distinguished Speaker of the National Assembly,

Dear Soldiers and Officers,

Distinguished Compatriots,

With a deep sense of pride, we are celebrating today the Army Day, and I congratulate us all on this occasion.

Our feelings today, on the occasion of this grand holiday, are first and foremost those of pride, pride for the Army which is safeguarding our security and peace.

The birth of our Army was not easy; the birth of our Army can be compared to the birth of Vahagn.

The Armenian Army was also born in pangs of childbirth, in the tumultuous and tough times; it was born in the flames, its birth was a must. And just like Vahagn, it too fought for freedom, for Fatherland, for victory.

Our Army was created through the joint efforts, spirit, and willpower of our dedicated volunteers and professional servicemen, privates and commanders, state and political figures, intellectuals and workers, people of Artsakh and Armenians in Spyurk. In a short period of time, it became the most well-organized and combat-ready army in the region. We had multiple victories and legendary heroes.

Allow me to express deep gratitude to all those in Armenia, Artsakh, and Spyurk who took part in the creation, maturing, and empowerment of our Army.

I bow to the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for the Fatherland, for our country, our people, and the Army.

Dear Compatriots,

The Army of modern time, as a unique school and university of life should also bring up citizens of modern time, our boys and girls, and give them a start in life.

Regardless of the type of service, regardless of one’s age, a serviceman acquires in the Army skills and experience, becomes more organized and disciplined. The Army is also the first contact with the state, and it is very important for that contact to be stimulating, inspiring hope and faith. The Army is truly the mirror of the society. If the society, the state undertakes steps to eliminate negative trends, to uproot them, it will most definitely be reflected first and foremost on the Army. The Army must be flawless, impeccable; serving in the Army must be not only a duty but also a great honor.

I would like to thank the government and the Ministry of Defense for all steps taken in that direction.

Dear Friends,

The Army is not only the guarantor of the country’s security and peace but also an indivisible part of the economy. And it is not only a consumer but also a producer, a structure which can lead. For industry and science, the Army is a purchaser and also a participant of its advancement.

Army sets tasks for the military industry and the areas of scientific research and anticipates contemporary and innovative, often also unexpected solutions which shouldn’t necessarily be replicas or copies of foreign solutions. We are capable of giving our own solutions to the problems.

Many of the solutions from the military industry often are used in civil life. It means that Army is tasked to participate not only in the defense of the country but also in its economic development, closely cooperating with the scientific institutions, business circles and all citizens who are willing to make their contribution.

Dear Fellow Citizens,

A special attitude towards the Army and its soldiers is an inseparable part of our character. At all times, it has been the attitude of a special goodwill, care, consideration, and love. For me, this day carries a double pleasure: On the Fatherland Defender’s Day I would like to talk with you about a new initiative. The institute of the President of Armenia, presidential structure, together with the government, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Health has designed a program which is called the Homeland Defender. The program is aimed to help those individuals who endangered their lives in the course of duty and became persons with disabilities. The number of such persons, patriots of our nation, unfortunately, in not small. There is no doubt that these persons not only deserve full respect and love but also deserve to continue to be part of our social, political, and economic life. Thus, the Homeland Defender program is aimed at assisting those servicemen who have become disabled in the course of their military service and at finding jobs for them. It means that the program will become a link between the individuals who served in the army and became disabled, the Army and other state, social, benevolent institutions and businesses. To set an example, we have undertaken a moral obligation to employ in the Presidential Administration in the nearest future two or three of our courageous servicemen with disabilities. Even though they might have certain physical limitations, each of them is a bright person and through the necessary support and educational program, they will be able to return to normal life, not just receive a pension but also be able to solve independently problems they face – from financial to personal.

The “first swallow”, or rather the “first falcon” whom we have hired, is Gor Darmanian – a participant to the war, a hero, a disabled person who is working today at the Presidential Administration.

I hope this example and appeal will inspire all our compatriots regardless of where they work – in the state sector, or private sector to engage them fully in our society.

Dear Friends,

I congratulate us all once again on the occasion of Army Day and wish health, peace, and new victories.

Let yours and our people’s each morning be peaceful.

Let our Fatherland’s each day be full of creative work. Thank you. Congratulations".

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