10, 2018

President Armen Sarkissian’s message on the occasion of Teacher’s Day

Dear Teachers,

The holiday dedicated to you, is our common holiday; it is a holiday which carries dream and reality, gratitude and respect – all this is contained in one word, the Teacher.

The Teacher not only has a special role but also a unique talent – to assume the responsibility to teach, to discover, to educate and to become one of the most important persons in one’s life.

Interactive blackboards, electronic books cannot make school and learning more appealing without the Teacher who can awake interest in students and help them appreciate the world.

No matter how rapidly the world in changing, no matter how sophisticated technologies become, all of us, in any age need the Teacher, the Teacher whose words spearheaded our mind, whose knowledge given to us becomes our driving force and who helped us become leaders, leaders in thinking and acting, leaders in working and fighting, and, certainly, leaders in leading.

In today’s Armenia, the people are waiting for great changes which is manifested also in ideas, educational goals, and expectations.

Dear Educators,

You are fortunate to be Teachers in modern times, and expectations from you are greater, your students are more demanding, the knowledge you give is in a greater demand.

The Teacher’s mission continues to be special, and it should remain that way – our, students’ attitude towards you – the Teachers.

I congratulate you on this wonderful holiday.

I wish you good health, well-being and all the best to you and your families.

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