09, 2018

Congratulatory message of President Armen Sarkissian on the occasion of Armenia’s Independence Day

Dear Citizens of the Republic of Armenia,

Dear Compatriots,

On this day in 1991, we publicly stated our right to speak out. Today, as an independent nation, we confidently speak through the voice of the Right.
We proved that dreams may come true. Today, we have new aspirations which come forth every day, in each and every one of us. We should be willing and ready to make them come true in the New Armenia. The first thing that come to mind in today’s Armenia should be the understanding that this is a new environment which is to be formed by us all. We are compelled to do this because we remember the people who sacrificed their lives for freedom, who brought it closer but didn’t live to see it. We owe them.

A lesson of our history proves that we win when we are united.
The New Armenia must be a victorious Armenia.

Dear Fellow Citizens,

Taking pride in the achievements of the past and present, we should approach the future with a greater vigor and creativity.

Our ideas and ability should precede our emotions, and we should make our country move in step with the world. The time is pushing us forward and indicates that as a state, as a nation we have no right to lag behind. We should take the course of progress with the unconditional respect towards our Constitution, with the great sense of responsibility towards the state on behalf of the public, civil society institutions, and all branches of power.

On the international arena, we stand as one: Armenia-Artsakh-Spyurk.
Which means we have much greater potential and abilities than we imagine.
Let’s make it all the moving force behind our future victories, let’s do it all together, all citizens of Armenia, Armenians all over the world, Pan-Armenian.

Dear Citizens,

We are used to celebrate our family holidays together and united. Our national holiday is a holiday of our great family, the modern Republic of Armenia’s birthday; it’s a holiday for us all – young and old, soldier and worker, scientist and student.

I congratulate us all on the occasion of this Pan-national and Pan-state holiday – Armenia’s Independence Day. I wish you all peace, prosperity, happiness and optimism.


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