09, 2018

Congratulatory message of President Armen Sarkissian on the occasion of Knowledge and Schooling Day

Dear Children,

The academic year is about to commence, and I congratulate you on this occasion.
First, I would like to congratulate those children who will be entering preschool, first graders, and first year students as well as those teachers and lecturers, who will be entering classrooms for the first time, and in their person, all tutors who are carrying faithfully the high title of the Teacher.

Dear Schoolchildren and Students,

This is a remarkable day indeed, and it will stay with you forever. Ask your parents, grandmas and grandpas who take you to school on this day – warm and precious memories of that day are staying with them throughout their lives.

Schooling years are among those bright periods of the life when the staircase, which will carry you up, is being built. Contemporary world communicates through the language of science and high technologies. Knowledge is your reliable foothold which will allow you to speak the language comprehendible for the world and will allow you to take part in making new global achievements.

Have no doubt that you are able to strengthen Armenia’s scientific presence in the world, translating ideas into technologies, skills into know-how, imagination into reality.
You too make our country Motherland, and you, as leaders, should bring your share in making it stronger and more powerful. Believe in your abilities and talents.

You can change Armenia; you can change the world.

I wish you all peace, health, happiness, and success.

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