04, 2018

Message by the President of Armenia

Throughout the April 25th, the President of Armenia conducted consultations with political forces, public and political figures. Today, in the morning of April 26, he posted the following message:

Dear Compatriots,

The recent spirited developments in our country have been unprecedented. The way a civil movement became in an organized and civilized manner a pan-national movement is a source of pride for the entire Armenian nation.
The history of Armenia has now opened a new page. We live in a New Armenia, an Armenia where every citizen and Armenians all over the world should contribute with their aptitude and vigor to the advancement of the country; an Armenia which will stand out in the world for its democracy, good governance, civil society, culture, science, and economic development; an Armenia to which Armenians will entrust their own and their generations’ future; an Armenia which will be cherished by each and every Armenian – statesmen and common citizens.

This will be the Armenia of your and my dreams.

To deny this reality would be political shortsightedness.
Just the way Serzh Sargsyan through a shrewd assessment opened the gates towards a New Armenia, in the same manner all political forces, particularly those represented in the National Assembly, should pave in solidarity that way guided by the Constitution.
We all have to fulfill properly the historic mission we have been destined for, and at this fateful for our nation moment make that step. Political forces, which enjoy trust of the majority of our people, should together take the country down that path.
I am confident that because of our millennia-old national wisdom, we will not miss this historic chance.

I am proud to see today’s Armenia and happy that I will be living in the powerful, united, just and prospering Armenia of tomorrow.

Good morning, Armenia. Good morning, Armenia’s proud citizen.

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