04, 2018

Statement of the President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian regarding the internal political situation

Dear Fellow Citizens,

I express my deep concern regarding the internal political situation in the Republic.

Intolerance hanging in the air has reached its peak. I am deeply concerned with the refusal to continue the dialogue which can result in confrontation.

Thus, I urge you all to stop for a minute and think clearly about consequences this confrontation could bring.

This is not a political appeal: I talk to you as a parent, as a friend, and an Armenian.

I call upon all, before making any step, to demonstrate the utmost restraint and responsibility, to follow strictly the letter and spirit of the law, to remain within legal frame of the rights and responsibilities of the citizens of Armenia, to stay within the limits of your professional authority.

Any political demand, no matter how justified it may seem, is worthless if it might endanger the life and health of the citizens.

We, unfortunately, have experienced it before and cannot afford to experience it again.

There will be no winners or losers – we all will lose; the country will lose.

It is absolutely necessary to release the tension. It should not be allowed for the chasm dividing the parties to become unbridgeable.

Therefore, I am ready to meet with the member of the National Assembly Nicol Pashinian to reduce the exiting tension through a dialogue between the political forces.

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