12, 2017

RA President’s congratulatory remarks at the top 10 athletes’ awarding and honoring ceremony

Dear athletes, coaches,
Dear Armenian sportsmen,

I cordially congratulate you on the upcoming New Year and Christmas holidays.

In fact, our athletes made serious progress in 2017. It has already been noted here and will be much talked about ahead. Your victories are really dear to us and really important, especially for three reasons: firstly, because they are the cause of great enthusiasm for our people, and especially for the younger generation. One Olympic champion or one of the world-famous football players is followed by thousands of children, adolescents and girls in gym halls. Secondly, mass sports should become part of our society’s lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle implies that we have healthy citizens. An old truth is that treating patients is much more expensive than keeping them healthy.

We keep stating that Armenia’s most valuable resource is its citizens. We must spare no effort and energy to promote a healthy lifestyle so that our citizens might be active in their field of expertise. You have a role to play in building up this valuable human capital. We owe you a great vote of thanks for inspiring thousands of people by your example.

The third asset is indeed the worldwide awareness of Armenia and the Armenian people. Thanks to Tigran Petrosyan, Albert Azaryan and other athletes who became a myth during their lifetime, many people came to know Armenia and the Armenian. You multiply the glory of our people around the world. The nation and the State are recognizable first of all owing to their sons. You are worthy sons, and we are proud of you. Every time they are raised abroad, the flag, the anthem and the coat of arms of Armenia in the international arena make the hearts of all Armenians neat faster.

Dear Friends,

This time an attempt was made to give a comprehensive and effective legal regulation to the Top 10 Athletes of Year award. This is another important signal that not only the youth but also the entire society gets through sports: victories must be won in fair competition, otherwise they will be disqualified both directly and figuratively.

Due to the fairness, transparency and clarity of this tear’s competition, ten of the top athletes of this year are recognized by the entire sports community, sports journalists, and most importantly, by different layers of our society.

I emphasize this fact because I find that dividing lines in sports are inadmissible. I am confident that this approach will lead to the restoration of solidarity within Armenia’s sporting family over the selection of the best athletes of the year, and we can witness increased public trust in this process.

At the same time, I find that it should not be stopped. It is necessary to increase the geography of this important initiative. I have already instructed to discuss and develop new formats for active involvement of Diaspora sportsmen and Diaspora Armenian sportsmen in the award ceremony.

Two core principles stem from the spirit of the Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora trinity: significant achievements in sport and the promotion of Armenia’s image. It will give this event a new logic and quality.

Dear athletes and coaches,
Dear Armenian sport representatives,

You may rest assured that the problems facing you will always be kept in the spotlight by competent State structures and myself. Certainly, I would like to thank President of the Armenian National Olympic Committee (NOCA) Mr. Gagik Tsarukyan, the heads of our sports federations for their personal efforts and resources for the development of our sport.

Reiterating my congratulations on New Year and Christmas holidays, I wish you good health, happiness in your private lives and ever new achievements in international competitions for the sake of the Armenia sport and our Homeland.

Thank you. 

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