12, 2017

Remarks by President Serzh Sargsyan at New Year and Christmas holidays-dated gala reception for mass media representatives

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to welcome you to this celebration held at Baghramyan 26, which has already become a tradition. I cordially congratulate you on the upcoming New Year and Christmas holidays.

During the years of independence, our media field has undergone revolutionary changes. In the past two and half decades, we have been able to form a dynamic society, public institutions and free journalism. I have no doubt that an independent and impartial journalist should be the eye of our society on the way to building a well-established and democratic state.

The passing year was full of internal and external political, economic and cultural events that you kept in the spotlight. You have covered them in all detail and brought the necessary information to the public, political parties and authorities.

Of course, the most important national event in 2017 was the April 2 National Assembly elections. Now, with a retrospective look, we can confidently state that these elections were held in a constructive and cohesive atmosphere.

The elections won a positive assessment on the part of our society and international observers, which outlined the country’s political picture for the next five years in a fair competition. The contribution of Armenia’s local media field was great in recording this outcome. It has been recognized by international observer organizations and, in this respect, I am grateful for the work you have done.

Naturally, there were also difficulties, inconveniences and misunderstandings. No electoral process is safe from shortfalls in the world because the electoral campaign leads to heated, even violent debates, when nerves are strained. Indeed, the most difficult thing is to lose. not everyone is able to put up with it.

Dear journalists,

I am deeply convinced that there are no insurmountable problems. I value the sincere readiness of all sides and actors to discuss open issues and find solutions to them. It is a unique test of maturity, which, I am sure, gives our society a dignity.
I am convinced that in the parliamentary republic, formed in the aftermath of constitutional amendments, more powers will be reserved to you, and that you are ready to take them up.

In the passing year, you provided close coverage of the proceedings of the 6th Pan-Armenian Armenia-Diaspora Forum, which allowed for the virtual participation of ten million Armenians in that forum.

When discussing the role and the significance of mass media, we must keep in mind that seven million Armenians are living outside of Armenia.

I urge you to strengthen ties with media outlets in the Diaspora over the coming years. Of course, I look forward to your more active engagement in the process of developing and implementing my vision of a four-billion strong Armenia in 2040 and other plans and ideas.

I would also like to see you treat of other topics such as Armenia’s involvement in integration processes, the activities of local self-governing authorities, the community enlargement process or economic recovery by making in-depth analyses. Since this list is definitely incomplete, I would be really happy if you could complement it with other items.

Dear Friends,

We are bidding farewell to 2017. Once again, I congratulate you all, your colleagues, relatives and friends.

I want you to have a good rest and enjoy your New Year and Christmas holidays in a way to bring a lot of fun and joy to your friends and families. Let success, happiness and peace be with you all the way through the coming year of 2018.

Believe me, the better we get on with each other, the more productive our efforts will be.

Thank you.

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