07, 2017

President Serzh Sargsyan’s Address to the Golden Apricot International Movie Festival

I am greeting the participants and the guests of the 14th Golden Apricot International Film Festival. I would like to specifically thank the organizers for consistency and dedication in organizing this long-awaited holiday for the inhabitants and guests of capital Yerevan.

Well above being a source of immense pleasure for our film-lovers, this most prestigious Armenian film festival has an educational importance for young artists as a medium for promoting aesthetic values and an artistic worldview. The festival is meant to create a spiritual-cultural environment and an atmosphere without which one could hardly imagine creative flights.

We are pleased to note Golden Apricot’s commitment to the history and traditions of the Armenian cinematographic art. Our classic heritage and contemporary works need to be publicized. The Armenian cinema should always be scrutinized and explored from the perspective of global and international developments.

Once again, I welcome the Golden Apricot International Film Festival, which is the carrier and the herald of high taste and true artistic values, as well as the noble ideas of peace and humanity. 

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