03, 2017

Remarks of the President of Armenia, Commander-in-Chief Serzh Sargsyan after the military exercise

I congratulate you all on the successful execution of the training operational mission. Well done. Our nation had hardships throughout our history, our security was not ensured but today, thanks to our Army, the security of our people is in strong hands.

Together with you, we will do everything lest anyone tries to undermine our security. The Armenian Army was formed and matured in the last twenty-five years. We were building our armed forces in parallel with military actions but along with that we were endeavoring to learn new skills every day; we need to be more disciplined, to cast heavier blows on the adversary. The same is true today. Even though the combat readiness of our troops is high, we need to get new knowledge daily, we have to get the maximum from our weaponry because the arms by themselves are nothing. Arms become weapon when officers and soldiers are able to master them.

Dear Soldiers, I am confident that you become stronger every day, that you become even more combat ready, otherwise the threat will inevitably become a reality, the threat will become a conflict, the threat will become a war and here, in this region, you are the ones who deter the war.

I thank your parents for raising you this way; I thank you teachers for educating you, and, of course, I thank you for doing almost the impossible.

Be assured that the leadership of the Republic of Armenia, the government will continue to hold as the priority the arming of our Army, the support of our Armed Forces and you, in your turn, by your everyday service assure our people that you are ready to keep our border indestructible.

Well done, thank you. 

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