12, 2015

Congratulatory remarks by President Serzh Sargsyan at the New Year reception for journalists

Dear Journalists, representatives of mass media,
I congratulate you on the occasion of the New Year and Holly Christmas.

The passing year has been dramatic and full of events, as well as unique and momentous for the history of our country and our nation. Through your daily life you are recording that history, report on the events in the country, reveal problems and very often show the way to move forward. In my opinion, this year you have performed your mission very efficiently, and I thank you for that.

I thank you first of all for your efforts and huge amount of work carried out during the events dedicated to the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. Thanks to yours and your colleagues’ professional activities we have been able to make Armenia’s and Armenian people’s commitment to the prevention of genocides, restoration of the rights of the people who suffered genocide, and establishment of historical justice more recognizable for the international community. You have revealed the all-human nature of our struggle. At the same time you succeeded in presenting to our society and international community solidarity of the progressive mankind and of the healthy stratum of the Turkish society the pain and dreams of our people.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Constitutional changes – a milestone on our country’s path towards building a more democratic and more developed state. I take this opportunity to express gratitude to you for your professional, conscientious and active work throughout the process, which manifested itself first in representing broadly a score of pros and cons, and later in registering and finger pointing violations which took place in the precincts during the referendum. I have no doubt that but for your professional dedication and sense of responsibility the entire process of changes wouldn’t have been so inclusive.

Dear journalists,

Throughout this year many of you occasionally countered difficulties in fulfilling your mission and overcame them with honor. There has been one particular instance, of course, that didn’t correspond to the ideas of journalistic freedom which our society and authorities have established consensus on long ago. It is gratifying that the response was identical from every side. Over all, today we can state that journalistic freedom in our country is very close to the modern requirements, and this is a result of the mutual and persistent work, and is our achievement. Certainly, we may differ on the content of our contemporary journalism, its depth, or impartiality; we may come or not come to the agreement on the limits of admissible and inadmissible; we may reject the existence of limits. There are individuals who think that way, aren’t there? But this is another story. However there is one thing which we all have to agree on: free media is an asset, and on this we are on the right track.

Dear journalists,

We are entering year 2016 with great expectations and programs. At the same time, we all realize that our problems are far from being solved and there are still many things to do to make our country the country of our dreams. Our experience shows that it can be achieved only through the joint work, and the journalistic community and mass media should take part in it.

I once again congratulate you on New Year and Holly Christmas. I wish that next year you fulfill your activities with the great sense of professional duty; I wish you remain principled and persistent. I wish you and your families happiness, and I wish success to all your undertakings.

Happy New Year and Holly Christmas!

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