11, 2015

President Serzh Sargsyan’s address to the participants of the Second All-Armenian Conference named Future

I send my cordial greetings to the participants of the Second Conference and its guests.
This important gathering, which has been named Future, has brought together young representatives from different communities of Diaspora. I am confident that among others, the Conference will discuss the issues of rallying together professional potential of the Armenian youth, preservation of the Armenian language and national identity, different ways to resist assimilation, as well as the development of the intercommunity ties for the benefit of strengthening the Armenia-Spyurk cooperation.

In our rapidly changing world, competition has moved predominantly in the area of knowledge. Thus, the Armenian youth must be competitive and progressive in all areas, particularly in their professional activities. Each of you should regard his or her work, his or her social role with utmost responsibility because people look at you and learn about Armenians and the Armenian nation.

It is emblematic that this Conference is being conveyed in the same year when we commemorate the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. In four corners of the world, there have taken place thousands of events dedicated to the memory of our blessed martyrs; these events prove once again the Armenians’ unbending resolve to live, to create, and to struggle. The Armenian youth has brought its significant participation to this task. You have been in the vanguard of that commemorative events and devoted champions of our just cause. I have no doubt that from now on you will continue the struggle of our revived nation even more united and more organized.

I hope you will make the utmost of this Conference in discussing thoroughly the existing problems and in defining your next steps.

I wish the Conference efficient and substantive work and I wish you success, vigor and drive.

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