09, 2011

Congratulatory speech by the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh

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Dear Compatriots,

I congratulate us all on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh.

Tomorrow is a blissful day not only for Artsakh but for the entire Armenian nation. It’s a holiday of human and national liberty, it’s a holiday of human and national dignity, it’s a holiday of restoration for once abused human rights, it’s a holiday of victory for historic justice.

The right to live free and secure in one’s own home, to bring up children in one’s native culture and church is given from above. Neither ages of struggle and suffering, nor decades long tyrannical persecution of all that’s Armenian did not and could not break our resolve, as they didn’t and couldn’t take away our right.

The brutal, long-lasting, vicious war imposed on us could have brought despondency on anyone but not the people of Artsakh. On the contrary, the units of the Artsakhi self-defense forces brought despondency and forced into panicky retreat those who had turned our beautiful and bountiful land into a hell. Slaughter, destruction and pillage, ethnic cleansing, purging of peaceful population – that’s what before the world’s very eyes was doing the force which is officially called the armed forces of Azerbaijan. For us that downpour of rascals and mercenaries was a historic ordeal which left us with no choice: we had either to emerge from the flames of that ordeal more hardened, or perish. We chose life, and today we celebrate the victory of life over death.

Eternal glory to those who fell, bequeathing to us this holiday.

Dear Fellow Citizens,

Today, the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh turns twenty. It means that borders of Artsakh will be defended by our sons who were born as an independent generation. Their childhood was darkened by horrendous scenes and sounds, they were deprived of a carefree childhood. Instead, they witnessed the heroism of their fathers and brothers, their mothers and sisters, their grandmas and grandpas, in a word – by the heroism of the entire nation. Defensive warfare of Artsakh as a documentary has already been put in the textbooks, but first of all it is in our hearts – with all of its drama and valor.

Once Artsakh was Armenian pain, today it is Armenian pride. The Republic of Nagorno Karabakh is an established state with all essential structures. Even under a constant military threat, it is by far much more democratic than those who speak about democracy and national tolerance only when free of squealing threats of a new war against Armenians.

Armenia, Artsakh and Spyurk is one indivisible entity. We all, every segment of the Armenian nation, are each other’s extensions. We will do everything not only for fortifying Artsakh’s peace and security but also for its social, economic and cultural development. There are programë which are being implemented today, there are numerous new programs which are still under development. Step by step, we are moving toward the realization of our goals.

The process of a peaceful resolution of the NK problem goes on. Unlike the others, we do not conceal the truth from our people and do not engage in wishful thinking. Our position is clear-cut: in the future, Nagorno Karabakh cannot have a lesser status than it has today.

Life and freedom of the people of Artsakh cannot be handed to anyone’s whim or command. Whatever was possible in 1923, is not possible in the 21st century, because over and above we have paid dearly for it.

Dear Compatriots,

I once again congratulate us all on the occasion of this great holiday. Artsakh is one of the most beautiful places in the world, if not the most beautiful one. To be a child of this land is a good fortune, while to live here, and live freely, is double so. I am confident that in the foreseeable future many big and small problems will be solved, and Artsakh will celebrate greater jubilees with a grater grandeur.

Long live Artsakh!

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