01, 2009

Address by President Serzh Sargsyan on the occasion of Army day

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Dear Compatriots,

I congratulate all of us on the occasion of Army Day.
Today, we are celebrating one of the greatest achievements of our independence – the Day of the Armenian Army. Seventeen years ago, when our independence was in peril, the establishment of the army became the imperative of the day. The Armenian army was formed and forged in the blazes of war and from day one it has been showing its best qualities – a boundless dedication to the Motherland, the unbending combat courage and a victorious spirit, and we because of these qualities were able to win and to reinforce our free will to live by our own values.

For us our Army is the matter of national pride, while for our adversaries it is a powerful means of deterrence and caution, the means whose power and abilities make it possible for many years now to maintain a fragile peace. We realize that we own that peace to our troops, who serve every day, who stay in their positions and in the trenches every day, to our officers and generals, to our brave sons.

Dear officers and soldiers,
Serving in the army is a great mission, but serving in a victorious army brings honor and responsibility to that mission. History has rooted a deep esteem for the Armenian army in our people and not surprisingly even for foreigners the Armenian warrior is a symbol of great courage and valor. It is for that reason that in our society the military profession is one of the most respected ones.

Armenia is concluding yet another stage of reforms in its armed forces. Our task is to have a modern, combat ready, and a constantly developing strong army, anchored on the most progressive experience and victorious traditions of the Armenian military.

Dear Compatriots,
Let us congratulate all those who have participated to our fight for freedom, who have served in our armed forces, who have made their contribution to the establishment and strengthening of our army. We remember all those who participated at the army-building mission, our brothers-in-arms and friends, who gave everything for Armenia’s present and future. And we bow to the memory of each soldier and each officer who gave their lives for Armenia.
On this festive day I wish you peace and new achievements, and I wish our troops good service and success.

Long live the Republic of Armenia and long live the Armenian Army!

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