04, 2024

President Vahagn Khachaturyan met with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan

President of the Republic Vahagn Khachaturyan met with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan at the Presidential residence. The Prime Minister congratulated the President on his 65th birthday.

Nikol Pashinyan noted: "Dear Mr. President, let me congratulate You on Your 65th birthday. I sent a message on the occasion of Your birthday, but I wanted to deliver that message to You in person. I want to congratulate You and say that I highly appreciate your activity as President and, in general, the socio-political activity that You have had in the Republic of Armenia since the first day of our country’s foundation.

I also want to express my gratitude to You for the support that You have been providing to the Government throughout this time. We make difficult decisions, and it is also very important that the Government and I feel Your support in all those cases when, as a result of joint discussions, we come to the conclusion that the decision stems from the interests of the Republic of Armenia and corresponds to the interests of the Republic of Armenia.

But I don't want to spice up this visit on festive event with political texts, since today we already had the opportunity to discuss current processes. Once again, I would like to congratulate, thank and wish You good health and continued activity for the benefit of the Republic of Armenia".

In his turn, Vahagn Khachaturyan noted. "Mr. Prime Minister, thank You. Thank You for the congratulations.

Age should always be estimated in relation to the year itself, it doesn't matter if you are 65 or 60. Everyone has their role and place to be. And now, at this age, I am pleased to have the opportunity to make such important decisions for our country together with You, the Government, and the National Assembly.

Also, as a result of my meetings, impressions or conclusions, I want to assure You that the initiative that You personally started later became an approach, a principle, especially for finding a way to live peacefully with neighbors. And You found the way: it was those demarcation works.

And rest assured that the work done by You, the Government and the people who are personally engaged in this work today, at this moment, has been appreciated by our compatriots, dignified citizens of the Republic of Armenia, by those people who want to live in free, independent, sovereign Armenia.

I have the right today, on this very birthday, to put a little more emphasis on that direction because, after all, what we started in 1988, aimed at the above-mentioned. It's true, maybe we didn't realize then that the path to a free, independent Armenia would be so long, but today we have that chance. I appeal to You to continue making this chance a reality. Making it a reality now depends on us, specifically on You, the authorities, me as the President of the Republic of Armenia and our citizens. And I want to tell our citizens directly: "Rest assured that neither Nikol Pashinyan, nor the Government, nor any other official will take on such responsibility and illegal steps and decide to cede even a millimeter of the Republic of Armenia."

We know that border, that red line. We, also under Your leadership, are doing everything to really establish long-term peace with our neighbors, the Republic of Azerbaijan. I express my gratitude once again."


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