11, 2023

President Vahagn Khachaturyan meets with Vassilis Maragos, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia

The President of the Republic of Armenia Vahagn Khachaturyan received the Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia Vassilis Maragos.

The President welcomed the guest and congratulated on the agreement on the status of the mission of the European Union signed between the Republic of Armenia and the European Union and wished effective cooperation.

Vassilis Maragos expressed his gratitude for the reception and noted that as the Head of the Delegation, he focuses all his efforts on the consistent development and strengthening of Armenia-EU relations.

At the meeting, the sides discussed issues related to continuous enhancement of Armenia-EU close cooperation. The interlocutors touched upon the monitoring and duty carried out by EUMA. Both sides highly valued the joint projects and initiatives between Armenia and the European Union.

In his speech, Vassilis Maragos noted that the European Union is firm in its commitment to support the smooth implementation of democratic reforms in Armenia. In this context, the President emphasized that Armenia has irrevocably adopted a policy of establishing and strengthening democratic institutions in the country from which it will not withdraw.

During the discussion, the sides discussed the overall regional realities and developments. In his speech, President Vahagn Khachaturyan reaffirmed Armenia's unequivocal position of establishing sustainable and lasting peace and normalizing relations with its neighbors. In this context, the President underscored that sustainable peace in the region is one of the essential prerequisites to fostering democracy.

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