08, 2023

President Vahagn Khachaturyan participated in the closing ceremony of the Pan-Armenian Games

President of the Republic of Armenia Vahagn Khachaturyan participated in the closing ceremony of the 8th Pan-Armenian Summer Games.

During the event, the President handed out awards to the winners in the categories "Beauty of the Pan-Armenian Games," "Best Delegation," "Fair Play," "Revelation of the Pan-Armenian Games," "Sportsmanship and Courage," "Best City - Abroad and in the Republic of Armenia."

Anna Aslanyan, a basketball player from the city of Beverly Hills, USA, was declared the winner in the category "Beauty of the Pan-Armenian Games."

The delegation from the city of Sydney, Australia was awarded the title "Best Delegation."

The delegation of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina was declared the winner in the "Fair Play" category.

The team from Kazakhstan won in the "Revelation of the Pan-Armenian Games" category.

The Stepanakert team was declared the winner in the "Sportsmanship and Courage" category.

London and Artik won in the "Best City" category.

A number of public figures were awarded the 25thanniversary gold medals and 25th anniversary medals of the Pan-Armenian Games durin the event.

Following the awarding ceremony, President Vahagn Khachaturyan delivered a speech and declared the 8th Pan-Armenian Summer Games closed.

In his speech, the President noted:

"The 8th Pan-Armenian Summer Games, which have been a bridge between our compatriots living in dozens of countries around the world and our motherland for 25 years, are coming to an end.

Today, I want to congratulate all the winners and awardees, the participants of the Pan-Armenian Games,and all of us, because the Summer Games are truly a Pan-Armenian event with their substance and themessage of unity.

These days, thousands of our compatriots who came to Armenia from the farthest corners of the world have brought with them new strength and courage. Many of you may have visited your motherland for the first time, and I believe that you will carry the warmest memories and feelings in your mind and soul, which will become a pledge of your return.

In these difficult times for our country, the Pan-Armenian Games are also a testimony of the endurance of the collective will and potential of our people. It is through such complex events that we make our statestronger, uniting as a people to ensure that we can address the challenges facing our country and people.Difficult times require dedication, effort and energy to forge victories and successes, and the holding of the Pan-Armenian Games is the product of that dedication and hard work.

Dear compatriots,

I would also like to express my gratitude to the members of the World Committee of the Pan-Armenian Games, all the organizers, volunteers and athletes for their participation, tireless work and high-level organization of the Games. I am convinced that you will continue to work with greater energy in the next 4 years, ahead of the 9th Pan-Armenian Summer Games,and, in conclusion, I declare the 8th Pan-Armenian Summer Games closed."

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