06, 2023

Vahagn Khachaturyan receives Maren Jasper-Winter, member of the Executive Board of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

President of the Republic of Armenia Vahagn Khachaturyan received the delegation headed by Maren Jasper-Winter, member of the Executive Board of Friedrich Nauman Foundation for Freedom.

The meeting was attended by Martin Kothé, Regional Director for East and Southeast Europe, Katrin Bannach, Regional Director for South Caucasus, and Armen Grigoryan, Project Manager of the Armenian office of the Foundation.

During the meeting, the sides discussed the projects implemented by the Foundation in Armenia and the South Caucasus as well as the prospects of new projects.

Addressing the durable activity of the Foundation, the President highlighted its role in spreading democracy and democratic values in Armenia and the South Caucasus, in general.

In the course of discussion, the sides touched upon general regional developments, interrelations between the security environment and democratic institutions as well their positive and negative implications.

President Vahagn Khachaturyan emphasized that, within his capacity, he readily supports the initiatives contributing to the establishment and development of democratic institutions in Armenia.

During the meeting, ideas were exchanged on the main vectors of reforms implemented and still underway in the field of democracy, protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Armenia.

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