12, 2022

President Vahagn Khachaturyan participated in the conference titled “Current issues of socio-economic development in Armenia”, held at the Academy of Science

Today, President Vahagn Khachaturyan participated at the scientific conference titled “Current issues of socio-economic development in Armenia”, organized by the NAS Institute of Economics named after M. Qotanyan.

The conference was dedicated to the 65th birth anniversary of Vladimir Harutyunyan, the longtime director of the Institute of Economics. Welcoming the guests, President Khachaturyan expressed his gratitude for organizing the event and highlighted the importance of such conferences and seminars.

In his speech, President Khachaturyan touched upon the scientific activities of Vladimir Harutyunyan, emphasizing his proactivity and immense desire to serve the development of the state as much as possible with his knowledge and experience.

“It is deplorable that Vladimir isn’t with us today. He would definitely give us valuable advice and would be very helpful, but of course, in the meantime, I am sure that whatever he left at the institute, all the traditions he was able to create, will continue in the future," noted the President.  

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