09, 2022

President Vahagn Khachaturyan visited the Armenian State University of Economics

Today, President Vahagn Khachaturyan visited the Armenian State University of Economics, had a meeting with Rector Diana Galoyan, professors and students. The university hosted the Rector of the International Space University Jean-Jacques Dordain, the former Director General of the European Space Agency in 2003-2015, who arrived in Armenia within the framework of the Starmus VI festival.

Greeting Jean-Jacques Dordain and the students, President Khachaturyan said:

“Today, Jean-Jacques will be giving you a lecture. I think his lecture will not be only about space activities but there will also be some words of a scientist to you - young people, who are the biggest dreamers. Our wish is that you always pursue those dreams of yours and manage to bring them to life.

Our society, people, and state need dreamers, free people who have the opportunity to implement their ideas and dreams with their knowledge. Our task as a state is to provide these conditions for you.

We need proper, qualified specialists, good economists, engineers, physicists, mathematicians, doctors, and agronomists.

This whole process that is being organized here today, these guests, are a part of it.

I am sure that you will gain knowledge from today's meeting, and new interests will arise within you."

Afterwards, President Khachaturyan briefly told about the meeting between him and Jean-Jacques Dordain, which took place about a year ago in Yerevan.

"On May 25 of this year, Armenia sent its artificial satellite into space for the first time. Exactly one year ago, no one believed in it. But we were discussing the possibilities of its implementation. We met Jean-Jacques about a year ago, and ideas like these come from such casual communication. Today, that idea has already become a reality," said Vahagn Khachaturyan.

According to the President, Armenia wants to develop its capabilities to engage in space science or space activities. "Be sure that this field will develop in Armenia and we will be a part of that big family of international space agencies," President Khachaturyan said and wished everyone success.

Then, together with the students, President Khachaturyan listened to the lecture of the Rector of the International Space University, Jean-Jacques Dordain.


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