09, 2022

The ceremony of granting RA State Award for global investment in the field of Information Technologies was held at the Residence of the President

Today, at the Residence of the President, the solemn ceremony of granting the State Award of the Republic of Armenia for global investment in the field of Information Technologies was held. President Vahagn Khachaturyan presented the award to Leon Stok, Vice President of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) group of IBM.

Dr. Stok's main investment is the invention of innovative chips which support the function of IBM's cloud, data analytics, mobile, social and security businesses. His team delivers world-class design and verification flows and tools being used to design the world’s largest supercomputers, IBM Z and Power systems and IBM Quantum Systems.

Hovik Musayelyan, the General Manager of Synopsis Armenia Company, which coordinates the work of the award committee, noted that this award ceremony, which is being held for the 12th time, is unique in its significance in terms of increasing the recognition and role of our country. "There are quite a lot of big figures in the field of high technology, but among them there are people whose activities have brought revolutionary achievements and changed the quality of people's lives. The idea of this award was for us to honor such legends, invite them to Armenia and introduce them to our young people, students and the technological and general education community," noted Hovik Musayelyan and, listing the names of the laureates who received the State Award in previous years, highlighted that they always stay in touch with Armenia.

Afterwards, Yervant Zoryan, the President of "Synopsis Armenia" Company, presented some data on Leon Stok's work activities, after which the award ceremony was held. In his speech, President Khachaturyan particularly said: "I am glad that we gathered on such an occasion. I am sure that all of us are proud at this moment, because not every country has such an opportunity to present an award to a representative of a company with a global role and importance.

Prior to the award ceremony, I had a meeting with Leon Stok, during which I tried to understand his feelings and thoughts on all this. Once again, I was convinced that truly talented people are very modest and very keen in their work.

Actually, it is a great honor for our country and for me personally, to have the opportunity to present State Award to Leon Stok today.

The people who received such an award had their role and participation in the formation of revolutionary approaches in the modern technological sphere.

I profoundly believe that such events, the continuation of such traditions will further increase our interest in this field and will awaken our young people’, as well as experienced scientists’ wish to see their names on the list of laureates".

President Khachaturyan emphasized that there is no other way of development for the Republic of Armenia, but education and science. "We never had another way and we don't have it now. Once we had advanced information technology, a high-tech economy as such. It is our duty to reestablish those best traditions. I am sure that we will reach that goal, because the intention of today's government programs is aimed at it. It is important to give opportunity to all enterprising people in different spheres, be that in science, business, culture, in all areas of our life. The state is ready to help, sponsor, finance all those people who are proactive, really have a desire and can create value. It imbues confidence that we will navigate our way to tomorrow much easier because we know which path we have chosen. That path really leads us to welfare, improvement of the quality of life and also increases the security of the country," said President Khachaturyan.

Expressing his gratitude for such appreciation, Leon Stok said: “It is an absolute honor to accept this global IT award in Armenia. I am also especially pleased to receive this award from you Mr. President. I know that you emphasize the importance of higher quality education. So you are an extreme supporter of education. I cannot agree more that education is the core stone and lifelong learning is so important”. Dr. Stok noted that in Armenia, it is difficult not to see the interest in the field of science and technology, as well as not to feel the attitude of friendly and kind people.

Afterwards, a ceremony of cancelling a special envelop dedicated to the State Award of the Republic of Armenia for global investment in the field of High Technologies took place.


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