05, 2022

Presidents of Armenia and Georgia made a press statement

Presidents of Armenia and Georgia, Vahagn Khachaturyan and Salome Zourabichvili have concluded the results of the meeting, held at the Georgian presidential residence today, with a statement for the representatives of the mass media.

The statement of President of the Republic of Armenia Vahagn Khachaturyan reads:

“First and foremost, let me express my gratitude to the esteemed Mrs. Zourabichvili for the warm welcome and the productive discussions.

I am glad that my first official visit in the capacity of the President of the Republic of Armenia is to the hospitable neighborly country.

This year is special for Armenian-Georgian relations: it is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. Although the interstate relations are only 30 years old, the friendship between our countries has a history of thousands of years. Armenia attaches great importance to continuous development and strengthening of relations with neighborly Georgia, for which there are all pre-conditions.

I would like to state with appreciation that the traditionally friendly relations between the two peoples, founded on rich historical and cultural heritage and the same system of values, continue to strengthen thanks to consistent work and close cooperation, thus creating strong pre-conditions for further collaboration and state building.

The frequency of high-level meetings demonstrates the commitment of both countries to the further expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation in all areas.Armenian-Georgian relations have dynamic development, and it is for a reason that these relations are qualified as especially good-neighborly in the Armenian Government Program. Such qualification of the relations is due to the frequency of bilateral meetings of the highest level, active interministerial contacts, accelerated collaboration in a variety of areas; and very importantly, the above-mentioned processes are based on full mutual trust and respect.

Today, Madame President Zourabichvili and I have had rather substantive discussions, which concern bilateral cooperation in a variety of fields: transport, communications, information technologies, humanitarian matters, etc.

In particular, we have discussed matters related to infrastructure programs, which are aimed at securing necessary involvement in international transport and communication projects, such as the Persian Gulf - Black Sea international transport corridors.

We have reaffirmed our commitment to maintaining the current high level of comprehensive relations and further enriching the agenda of cooperation.

Of course, apart from the bilateral agenda, Mrs. Zourabichvili and I touched on security and matters of political and regional importance as well. I would like to underline that mutual understanding in these matters is due to the understanding of firm Armenian-Georgian friendship.

To conclude my remarks, I would like to express my gratitude again for the warm welcome and wish us success in implementation of all bilateral initiatives.

I am certain that the discussed matters will produce results, giving new quality and content to Armenian-Georgian relations.” 

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