10, 2021

Summits of Minds are the only way to find ideas and solutions for a better world. "Talks of the Future" with Roger Gracie, multiple world champion in jiu-jitsu

Within the framework of the Armenian Summit of Minds in Dilijan, Thierry Malleret, organizer of the Summit of Minds and founder of The Monthly Barometer analytical magazine, had a discussion, entitled "Talks of the Future," with Roger Gracie, the Multiple World Champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and the founder of Roger Gracie Academy.

Answering Thierry Malleret's question about what jiu-jitsu means to him, Roger Gracie mentioned that, in a sense, his family had made a revolution in that martial art. "My family has changed that martial art, making it more non-aggressive. My grandfather wanted to show how important jiu-jitsu is for the world, for people."

Speaking about the Armenian Summit of Minds, Gracie noted that he is glad to visit Armenia and take part in such an event. "This is my first visit to Armenia. Everything I have seen is just wonderful," said the famous athlete. - I think events like the Armenian Summit of Minds are the only way to discuss ideas, to leave here with better thoughts and solutions, for the sake of having a better world. The only way to reach such a world is to work together. As long as we are separated, we will live in dark times. Only by uniting and working together will we be able to have a better world."


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