03, 2021

Devotion to the homeland, heroic deeds, and daily disciplined work should be appreciated. President Armen Sarkissian presented high state awards

By the decrees of the President of the Republic Armen Sarkissian, for the exceptional services in forming and developing the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, as well as in ensuring the defense and security of the Fatherland Colonel-General Gurgen Dalibaltayan and Colonel Tatul Ghazaryan, commander of the military unit of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia, were posthumously awarded the Order of Motherland.

Today, at the Presidential Residence, President Armen Sarkissian presented the high state awards to the family members of Gurgen Dalibaltayan and Tatul Ghazaryan.

Presenting the award to Colonel-General Dalibaltayan's son, President Sarkissian stressed that the Armenian officers who had returned home from different parts of the Soviet Union with a good command of science and art of war, professionalism, and experience of many years, substantially contributed to the victory in the first Artsakh war: "General Dalibaltayan had received education at the Frunze Military and the General Staff Academies. He dedicated all his experience to the service of homeland: he was the first to head our General Staff and then served his homeland for many years."

Presenting the Order of Motherland to Colonel Tatul Ghazaryan's son and brother, the President noted that Tatul Ghazaryan was an example for his military friends and the whole army: "His commitment, discipline, and talent of making decisions as a commander, brilliant decisions, are typical of a true hero." Addressing the hero's son, the President expressed confidence that his family will continue Tatul Ghazaryan's cause: "It is your duty, son, to continue what your father passed on to you: to serve your homeland with commitment."

By another decree of President Sarkissian, director of Astghik Medical Centre Asatur Asatryan was awarded the Mkhitar Heratsi Medal for his contribution to the organization, and coordination work to prevent, control and treat coronavirus infection.

The President gave the medal to the director of the medical centre, thanking him for the commitment to his work. "I am proud that there is a hospital in Yerevan, which is not different from hospitals abroad. In a sense, it has an advantage because the Armenian thoughtfulness is added to professionalism and discipline," said the President. "Only with such quality, we can resolve our everyday problems and be ready for disasters like coronavirus."

At the end of the awarding ceremony, addressing those present, President Sarkissian expressed hope that they are confident that the state, homeland and people appreciate their own contribution and that of their relatives. "Our people appreciate you today. We must do our best to ensure that every person who works for the homeland with dedication, receives a word of gratitude, which is not only for you, and your family. That assessment is very important for all the other sons and daughters of our people. Everyone should know that devotion to the homeland, heroic deeds, and daily disciplined work would be appreciated."

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