04, 2009

President Serzh Sargsyan handed high state awards on the occasion of Police Day

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On April 14, on the occasion of Police Day, President Serzh Sargsyan signed a decree to award a group of the Police Force employees with the medals of the Republic of Armenia for their contribution in the enforcement of law and order and for the courage showed in the line of duty.

Today, in the Presidential Palace President Serzh Sargsyan handed high state awards to the recipients. Congratulating the awardees the President of Armenia said,
“I congratulate you cordially on the occasion of Policy Day. These congratulations are addressed to all our policemen, from privates in the police troops to the Chief of Police, from traffic police and security guards to those who maintain order. I congratulate all servicemen and officers – those for whom the upholding of peacefulness in the country and in the society is everyday job and, why not, also a mission. I also congratulate your families, who comprehend the policeman’s mission, who see you to work everyday and wait impatiently for you to return.

Our newly independent state preserves the memory of many instances of self-sacrifice of our policemen. We are proud of all those who in the first days of our independence were fighting against crime and protecting of our borders at the same time. Those people voluntarily doubled their share of work and danger, protecting devotedly independence and standing of the Republic of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh, security and rights, honor and dignity of our citizens.

In any country, the police are a pivotal structure, which accomplishes important and special duties – preservation of law and order, fight against crime, protection of rights and liberties of the citizens. The fulfillment of these duties is particularly important for young democracies, where the police should be particularly vigilant and professional in carrying out these tasks.

I am happy that today high state distinctions are awarded to the individuals who have chosen to serve our society and our country, who have contributed to the making of the police force in our country, to the strengthening of law and order. I am confident that today your colleagues, families and friends are proud of you.

During one year we were able to bring positive changes in some sections of the police structure. However, any professional holiday is also a good time to ponder about the work ahead, address the shortcomings of the past, and carry out new tasks. My requirements with this regard have not changed.

I said once that if a society trusts the law enforcement bodies, it means that it trusts the state in general. Yours is a structure which is dealing with the people on every turn. It is a most challenging job which shapes trust of the Armenian citizens towards the law enforcement system and the state.

Today our society is rightfully concerned with the occasionally heard gun shots, with the fact that some individuals still possess a large number of illegal arms and ammunition. Our citizens justly demand that these outbreaks in our country and in our capital are resolutely curbed. We have already spoken about that, corresponding tasks were assigned, and we have to have serious results.

Another issue to be solved in the police force and in our country is a qualitatively new level of fight against corruption. Remember that you will be respected only when people see that you yourselves respect the uniform, that the policeman is incorruptible and honest, that he will make no illegal deals.

The modern world and all countries today face new challenges in their fight against crime. Each year crime becomes more and more dangerous. New challenges must be met with high professional training, vigilance and uncompromising struggle. Work, study, become better – that’s the only way, there is no other way.

I understand that it would be easy just to demand results. It is much more difficult to produce these results, to maintain them and multiply. With this regard the state has a number of things to do, and the number grows along with the state’s possibilities.

I once again congratulate you on the occasion of this holiday and with high state awards. I wish you all the best and good service.”

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