01, 2009

Presidents of Armenia and Russia held a private meeting in Moscow

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Today, at the conclusion of the international gas summit in Moscow, Presidents of Armenia and the Russian Federation, Serzh Sargsyan and Dmitri Medvedev held a private meeting. The President of Russia expressed his gratitude to the Armenian colleague for accepting the invitation and participating at the works of the summit. The Presidents hailed the current relations between the two states describing them as dependable and adequate to the strategic partnership between Armenia and Russia.

The President of the Russian Federation noted that the partnership between Armenia and Russia was much more satisfying than the tough issues that have been discussed at the international summit. In his turn, President Sargsyan stressed the importance of cooperation in the energy sphere with Russia and Gazprom company, assessing it as reliable, based on long-term objectives. Serzh Sargsayn underlined that during the last three years Armenia has expanded the gas consumption three-fold, while the level of gasification of the country places it among the leaders not only in the CIS but also in the world.

Presidents Sargsyan and Medvedev concurred that frequent high level contacts and meetings allow to revisit and to find solutions even for the minor issues.

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