12, 2008

President Serzh Sargsyan’s New Year Address

Dear Compatriots,

In a few minutes we will together celebrate the arrival of the New Year. We are turning yet another page of the history of independent Armenia, which was full of achievements and inspiring episodes as well as complex events and tough situations. Year 2008 was a year of changes, a year of making difficult and responsible decisions; our country and our people were compelled to face the most serious problems and a number of challenges.

First, it was the elections and political turmoil that became a serious challenge for our country. The next challenge was the abrupt rise of international prices for the most vital products. This was followed by active military actions in the neighboring state which disrupted the operability of the most important transportation routs. The final part of the year was marked by the necessity to mitigate the consequences of the global and financial crises. We are emerging from these tremulous times with the stability that many countries would wish to have, with the amplified enthusiasm, and a stronger will. We have many problems and we are ready for new decisions.

The foreign policy of the Republic of Armenia has become noticeably more active in the year of the Artsakh’s 20th anniversary of independence. The reforms have been carried on acquiring new impulses in the areas of police, tax and customs administration, education, and health care. The Iran-Armenia gas pipeline was completed. Twenty years after the devastating earthquake in Spitak we reinforced our programs for providing housing to all families which lost shelter.

The passing year has been a year of spirited cultural events and major sporting achievements, a period of observable manifestations for Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora triple union and a period of new ideas for bringing closer the world-spread Armenians over the notion of the Armenian identity. It’s been also a year of initiating ambitious, unprecedented in their scope and significance national economic projects, which proves once again that we can and we will make flourish our home – Armenia.

Dear Compatriots,

New Year is a holiday of expectations. At this moment, around the festive tables, we expect that the coming year will be special in the lives of our families and friends.

We are all united by simple and human desires. We all wish the coming year to be peaceful and productive, we wish that our sons, who guard our borders, return home safe and sound, we wish our children to study well, we wish husbands, who are earning living abroad, come back, and we wish that warmth and happiness reign in our families. We wish our parents good health and joy.

We celebrate New Year surrounded by our families. Let us wish all the best to those who are fulfilling their duty on their working places, to those who at this moment are saving lives, or upholding our security.

New Year is a holiday of kindness. I sincerely wish that there is more kindness in our homes, I wish for the next year to be a year of love and unity, and I wish troubles and worries of the last year are left behind. We have plenty to do in 2009. Let us believe that we will succeed together, standing shoulder to shoulder.

Dear Compatriots, brothers and sisters,

New Year is also a holiday of hope and faith. During these festive days the current problems leave us for a while and the perpetual values acquire a new meaning. We wish our families and friends good health, success, and happiness. I am sending you the same good wishes, trusting that all our good wishes will become true.

Rest assured that everything will be fine.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

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