11, 2008

President Serzh Sargsyan received the Foreign Minister of Hungary, Mrs. Kinga Goncz

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Today, President Serzh Sargsyan received the Foreign Minister of Hungary, Mrs. Kinga Goncz and her delegation.

Welcoming the high guest, the President of Armenia highlighted the importance of expanding the bilateral as well as the multilateral relations and the cooperation in the framework of international structures.

The Head of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed her country’s warm feelings toward Armenia and their desire to translate them into a practical cooperation in different areas.

Noting, that the political dialogue between the two countries intensifies, President Sargsyan said that there were at least three important prerequisites for a more rapid advancement: mutual respect, the Armenian-Hungarian community, and Armenia’s determination to get closer to Europe.

Mrs. Goncz expressed confidence that the agreement signed today with her Armenian colleague would become an excellent base for experience exchange between the two countries. Assessing the economic growth of Armenia as impressive, she stressed the importance of invigorating cooperation in the economic area, encouragement of cooperation in the area of education, and implementation of the student exchange programs.

The President of Armenia mentioned that the creation of the adequate legal field was necessary for the efficient cooperation and better understanding of each others potential. He attached great importance to the enhancement of cooperation between the Commerce Chambers of Armenia and Hungary.

The two sides discussed also the possibility of cooperation in the framework of the EU Eastern Policy initiative. According to the Minister, the European Union comes to a better understanding of the region’s rising role in providing for Europe’s energy and economic security, as well as its stability.

The President of Armenia hailed Hungary’s consistently balanced approach in the international structures toward the resolution of the NK conflict, as well as the principled stance of the Hungarian justice regarding the Azeri officer who had viciously murdered the Armenian officer in Budapest.

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