06, 2008

Today President Serzh Sarkissian invited a meeting with the participation of the well-known intellectuals and public figures to discuss issues related to the establishment of the Public Council

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Today President Serzh Sarkissian invited a meeting with the participation of the well-known intellectuals and public figures to discuss issues related to the establishment of the Public Council.

In his remarks President Sarkissian in particular said, “I’ve told for a number of times and am ready to reiterate it now that we have to unity all the forces within our society to channel them toward the solution of the problems our country faces today. And it is no secret that such problems are plenty.

I truly believe that we are able to unite. I truly believe that such an issue exists in any country, because in any election no party and no candidate can have hundred per cent of the votes. And it is quite natural that there are some forces and some individuals in the society, which are not happy with the results and do not attach importance to working with the other forces to solve the country’s problems. With this regard I think that the opinion, that we have a National Assembly and therefore do not need a Public Council, is incorrect. I think that we should get to a reality when the society, individuals, and people at large are able to participate in formal as well informal settings at the discussions on the issues which are important for them, participate at the processes which are necessary to move the country forward.

I should frankly say that I have been inspired, not greatly, but nevertheless inspired since after the assignment of the task my assistants reported that there have been numerous responses to the initiative, even drafts of the future charter, proposals, candidatures have been suggested. But I think there should be no rush; I think that you should employ your standing to make sure that the formation of the Council does not turn into a bureaucratic process. I think this is important. I ask you to use your standing, your knowledge, tell us what to do so that this new Public Council does not become just another event, so that the Public Council does not become something resembling a state structure. We need real discussions in that Council, candid talk, new ideas; we need it to become an additional mechanism for the assessment of the situation and the use of right methods. It is my objective, and that’s the reason for you being invited here today.”

To create a precise picture of the process, the President of Armenia made some clarifications and noted, “I don’t regard those who are here today as a working group, I regard you as people with standing in our society and experience, and I would like you to take up these standing and experience to properly organize the whole process of the Public Council establishment.”

During the intense discussions participants to the meeting presenting their views and understanding regarding the organizational works and future activities of the Council to be.

They welcomed the President’s initiative and assessed the future Public Council as a mechanism for an open and constructive dialogue and for bringing people’s problems to the highest echelons of power.

The participants also agreed that the Council should represent all the strata of the society, become a center for the accumulation of ideas and initiatives, be a podium for the expression of different opinions, discussions of the problems and for finding solutions.

Serzh Sarkissian clarified that the establishment of the Public Council is not conditioned by the current situation, and added that the idea has been in circulation for some time.

The President of Armenia said that these discussions are useful for him, and it was agreed that the process would be continued.

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