05, 2008

Today President Serzh Sarkissian received Tom Adams, Coordinator of the US assistance to the countries of Europe and Eurasia at the State Department.

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The President of Armenia stressed the importance of strengthening relations with the United States incorporating them in the context of economic development, strengthening of democracy and regional stability.

The two sides spoke about the post-election situation in Armenia and stemming issues. They also spoke about the future activities of the Millennium Challenge Corporation. Tom Adams noted that the American side has some apprehensions regarding possible changes in the indicators which serve the base for this program.

Noting that program-supported projects have been designed by the Government and are mainly directed toward the reduction of poverty and leveling down the uneven development of the city and rural areas, President Sarkissian said that we wish to continue our cooperation with the Millennium Challenge Corporation. Speaking about the economic and political indicators, which define the eligibility for the program, Serzh Sarkissian said that regarding the economic indicators there are no setbacks. Tom Adams agreed, noting that macroeconomic indicators have been good indeed and continue to remain as such.

The parties discussed also the political indicators and current political processes. The President of Armenia stressed the importance of assessing the situation accurately. Tom Adams underlined the necessity of conducting in-depth analyses regarding the indiscretions which took place during the elections and post-election events.

Addressing the President of Armenia, the high-level American official said, “The Administration of the United States want you to succeed. Washington has high expectations regarding your performance and we are confident that you can be a strong leader who will undertake significant steps to move the country forward.”

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