05, 2009

President Serzh Sargsyan answers journalist’s quiestions

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May 28, 2009

Mister President, your congratulatory address on the occasion of Republic Day carries the message of the need to open a new page and calls to secure national unity. In this context, will you be exercising your constitutional right to declare amnesty?

President Sargsyan: Last time, general amnesty was declared in our Republic in 2006. If in these three years our society has reached a point when a new amnesty is deemed necessary, I am definitely ready to exercise my constitutional right. Thus, I am calling upon the political forces, public figures, the Public Council to present their proposals on the necessity and terms of declaring amnesty to the Presidential Office and if it is confirmed that there is indeed such a need, I will immediately exercise my constitutional right to appeal to the National Assembly.

Mister President, the election campaign for the City Council is wrapping up. How do you assess it and what would you like to say regarding the entire process?

President Sargsyan: I believe the process has been normal, my assessment is positive. I trust that all political forces have had equal opportunities to present their views on Yerevan’s development, to speak freely with the voters and residents of Yerevan on their vision of Yerevan. I also think that the TV channels have been able to provide equal, unbiased coverage of the activities of different political forces. I am glad that different political forces employed different political technologies, ranging from public gatherings and marches to neighborhood meetings and door-to-door visits.

My appeal, message, and request to the political forces is not to create unnecessary tension, carry on in the same spirit, to wrap up in the remaining days their campaigns and conduct on May 31 good elections – elections which would allow our people, international organizations to say that so far these have been the best elections in Armenia.

Mister President, what outcome do you expect, whom would you like to see elected in the City Council?

President Sargsyan: As a resident of Yerevan and the leader of the Republican Party, I think nobody doubts what outcome I would prefer. It is obvious, and I am glad that the Republican Party has been able to work organized in this period of time and is approaching the election day with excellent chances. I hope nobody would challenge that. I am also glad that our coalition partner – Prosperous Armenia – has also displayed a very responsible attitude toward the elections and today is among the frontrunners. I think nobody has a doubt that Prosperous Armenia will have its say in administrating the city affairs. I also wish that another coalition partner – Oritnatz Erkir – also succeeds. Same goes for Dashnaktsutyun. As constructive opposition, Dashnaktsutyun can have an important role in governing Yerevan and their participation will be only and only beneficial for the capital and for our country in general.

However, as the President of the Republic of Armenia I view the elections as a process which must be conducted exclusively in the framework of law and order. With this regard, I believe both the authorities and the opposition and all political forces in general, must be ready to accept the results of the elections. This is the message that we should be able to deliver to every resident of Yerevan.

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