11, 2015

President Serzh Sargsyan visited Tavush and Gegharkunik marzes

President Serzh Sargsyan conducted a working visit to Tavush and Gegharkunik marzes. In Dilijan, the President of Armenia visited the Knowledge for Development Center of the RA Central Bank. Back in January 26, 2013, the President participated in the inauguration of the Center. Serzh Sargsyan familiarized with the ongoing and development programs of the Center, as well as with the activities of the Tumo center of creative technologies which is also located in the Center. The President was presented the project for the expansion of the Dilijan branch of Tumo: considering the importance of the free extraschool program of the Simonian Educational Fund for the participating children of Tavush marz, it’s been decided to allocate the first floor of the Knowledge for Development Center to Tumo Center, while the Central Bank Visitors Center will be relocated to the educational and research center of Dilijan, where it will become a part of the CB’s new museum. According to the authors of the project, it will allow to extend activities of the Tumo Center and make it available to the children of a number of communities in Tavush region.

From Dilijan, President Sargsyan left for Chambarak border community in Gegharkunik, where he participated in the opening ceremony of the newly renovated medical center. The Center has been renovated, furnished and equipped with modern medical apparatus by the Ministry of Health and RA Fund for Territorial Development in the framework of credit programs of the Government of Armenia and the World Bank. The program is sponsored by the Embassy of Japan in Armenia and through the grant provided by the Embassy, the World Vision charity organization provided to the center additional furniture and necessary equipment. The health care center was created by merging Chambarak outpatient clinic LTD and Chambarak hospital LTD; from now on all health care services will be located at the hospital premises.

In the framework of the modernization process, the roof cover of the two-story building was totally changed, the inner dividing walls were reinstated, all internal engineering infrastructure was renovated, a new boiler house was built, internal computer and phone lines were reconnected, and surrounding territory was developed along with other works. The center is servicing over 13,600 people residing in Chambarak region.

The President of Armenia toured the newly opened center, familiarized with the accomplished works and conditions aimed at providing the patients with high quality health care services. He conversed with the administration and medical team of the center about the issues related to their work.

In Chambarak, President Sargsyan participated also at the inauguration of the center for veterinary and agricultural services of the Ministry of Agriculture which was built in the framework of the program for Administration of Agricultural Resources of the Communities and Competitiveness. The center was created with the assistance of the World Bank. The program commenced in 2011 and is to be completed in 2016. Along with its main objectives – management of pastures and development of husbandry, the program will also provide assistance in building a center for veterinary services, training of veterinarians and equipment with necessary tools to improve the quality of the veterinary services and health of the stock, increase capabilities of the veterinarians and farms, enhance the veterinarian-farmer cooperation, provide high quality veterinary medication and ensure availability of necessary goods, as well as to increase general awareness. In the framework of this program, two veterinary service centers have been built and started functioning in Artashavan community of Aragatsotn marz and Kndzoresk community of Syunik marz. Veterinary servicing centers will be constructed in five other regions of Armenia – Aragatsotn, Syunik, Gegharkunik, Shirak, and Tavush. Considering the years-long experience of Center for Agrobusiness and Rural Development (CARD) foundation, by the decision of the Government of Armenia the mentioned centers were transferred to the CARD without indemnity.

The President was informed that based on the results achieved in the framework of the program for Administration of Agricultural Resources of the Communities and Competitiveness, the second program was launched in February 2015. In the framework of the second program, three centers will be built in Kotayk, Vayots Dzor and Lori marzes. Each of the centers in cooperation with ten or more veterinarians will be able to service the entire farmer community of the given marz.

Incidentally, at the meeting with the governor and administration of Gegharkunik marz on September 23, in order to give a boost to the processing industry in the extremely vulnerable border communities, the President instructed the Ministers of Economy and Finance to put Chambarak town on the list of the border communities with tax incentives and make necessary changes in HO-156-N of 01.01.2015 and government decision 30-N of 15.01.2015 pertinent to the tax exemption of the border rural communities with lots which due to military activities remain unusable.

From the border town Chambarak, President Serzh Sargsyan arrived to Gavar, where he observed the construction works for the Drama Theater in Gegharkunik named after Levon Kalantar. The only state theater of the region – Gavar theater was a dilapidated construction of 1950-60s which according to the new project was subject to demolition. On the area of 22102 meters there will be constructed a new, modern theater for 420 spectators. The President of Armenia observed the ongoing construction works. This project, which was initiated by the President a number of years ago, will be concluded in 2016.

In the framework of his visit to Gegharkunik marz, the President was also in Karchaghbyur community, where he observed the construction works of the Sevan Trout LTD fish producing complex, discussed issues of the agenda of the Commission working on the problems of Lake Sevan, including the one related to the works on the “Replenishment of the trout stock in Sevan and a complex program for the development of fish-breeding.” The fish processing compound is being constructed in Karchaghbyur in the framework of that very program.

The founder and only shareholder of the Sevan Trout LTD by the decision of the government will be the Fund for the “Replenishment of the trout stock in Sevan and a complex program for the development of fish-breeding.” The first stage of works of the Fund will include construction of a baby fish plant with the annual output of 20 tons of production, construction of a processing plant with the output of six to eight thousand tons of production, construction of a fish hatchery with the capacity of over 100 tons, construction of open ponds for baby fish with the annual production of 600 tons of fish, and construction in the lake of the first exemplary fishery with the annual production of 1000 tons of fish. The implementation of the first stage of the project will require investments close to 7.5-8 billion AMD. The completion of the mentioned works will conclude the first stage of the project.

The President was informed also on the second stage of the project which will commence in fall of 2016. It will cover the construction of the second baby fish plant, construction of open ponds for the cultivation of baby fish with the weight up to 150 grams, construction of a hatchery, expansion of the processing plant, which according to those responsible for the project will allow to increase the output to 15000 each year, and construction of a water intake facility to process 500 liters per second and a new water supply line. It is planned that in 2023-2024 the fish production will reach 45-50 tons. 

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