09, 2013

Working visit of President Serzh Sargsyan to Gegharkunik marz


President Serzh Sargsyan conducted today a working visit to Gegharkunik marz. In Gavar, the President of Armenia visited the Sevan factory for the production of mineral water, familiarized with the process of construction and renovation works, production capacities, investment and future development programs.

It was noted that the Sevan factory for the production of mineral water will start functioning in September, 2014. After launching the full cycle of production, the factory is expected to open nearly 200 jobs, including jobs in the area of marketing.

In the administrative office of Gegharkunik marz, the President invited a working meeting on the problems of Sevan Lake. The meeting was attended by the members of the Presidential commission of the Sevan Lake issues, the Deputy Prime Minister of Armenia, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorkian, Head of Geghakunik marz Rafik Grigorian, Director of the Center for Monitoring over the Impact on the Environment non-commercial organization Levon Vardanian, the Chief Expert of the Center for the Promotion of Armenian Produce Edward Gevorkian, Director of the Zoological and Hydro-Ecology Scientific Center Bardukh Gabrielian, members of the Presidential Staff and officials from other relevant state structures.

The President of Armenia was reported on the Sevan related works conducted in the first six months of 2013 and the main results of the program aimed at the restoration of the Lake’s endemic fish population. It was noted that taking into consideration the results of the pilot program, as well at the best world practices, there will be established a comprehensive program for the fishery development on the territory of the Lake, which will comprise the formation of the mother species, caviar and baby fish production, also production and processing of fish fodder, an association to conduct regulation of this area, scientific and research centers and laboratories, a system for the verification of the quality and safety, export and promotion of the production.

According to the report, the program of the restoration and fishery development in Sevan Lake is to be presented to the government of Armenia in October, 2013.
The President stressed the importance of the implementation of such major programs which are significant for the development of the region. In that context he underscored that the presented program has a great impact from the viewpoint of Sevan Lake ecological system, restoration of the endemic fish population and augmentation of fish population, as well as for the resolution of the social and economic problems in Gegharkunik marz.

In the framework of his working visit, President Serzh Sargsyan observed also construction works for a segment of the road leading to Gavar’s Artsvaqar neighborhood. The President issued directives regarding this project during his 2012 visit to the marz. The works are being done through the 2013 state budget means allocated for the renovation of the roads. The President was informed that the works are to be concluded on October 30. It is planned to pave the road with the new asphalt and concrete cover, to restore almost 18002 of sewage system, and to construct in Artsvaqar neighborhood 1-2m long and 24502 of general length two-sided sidewalks.

Today, at the Vardadzor and Dzoragyugh districts of Gegharkunik marz, President Sargsyan will be also familiarized with the results of the project of watering remote pastures in the mentioned districts which is being carried out in the framework of the Administration of the Rural Communities’ Resources and Competitiveness Program.

At the conclusion of the visit, in the Culture Home of Martuni town, the President of Armenia will attend the opening ceremony of Sevana Litch-2013 international chess tournament.


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