04, 2013

The President conducted a tour of the capital and familiarized with the process of implementation of the major investment programs


Today, President Serzh Sargsyan, accompanied by the Mayor of Yerevan Taron Margarian, toured the capital and familiarized with the process of implementation of the major investment programs, including arrangement of green spaces, road construction, construction of new parking lots and urban development activities in a number of areas.

Taron Margarian presented to Serzh Sargsyan the current condition and improvement works at the Children’s Park situated between Grigor Lusavorich, Zakian, Khorenatsi and Beirut Streets. He noted that the Park will be beatified and reconstructed to become a children’s park. It will preserve all the features of a park for children, which have decades-long traditions in our city, as well as will use the contemporary international experience in managing this type of recreational zones. In accordance with the design, the park will continue to serve as a recreational area.

The park design envisages the preservation of the existing environment and augmentation of the green spaces of the park, its tree and bush assortment. The entire territory of the park will be supplied with the irrigation system. According to the Mayor of Yerevan, the infrastructure of the park – buildings, roads, and passages will be accessible for the handicap people and those with limited mobility. Toward that end, constructed will be access ramps and adaptable water closets. Parallel to Beirut Street, a part of walkway will be transformed into a bicycle lane.

The President was informed that the park’s beautification blueprint was discussed at the session of the ecological commission of the Urban Council at the Yerevan City Hall and was approved; all proposals were accepted and necessary adjustments were made.

The President of Armenia familiarized also with the Old Yerevan project. It is envisaged to create Old Yerevan historic and architectural milieu on the territory adjacent to Arami, Pavstos Buzand and Eznik Koghbatsi Streets. The project will be implemented in accordance with the master plan of Yerevan. The reconstruction works on the mentioned territory will recreate a scenic urban environment, aimed at the improvement of the historical applied and picturesque areas, establishment of the no-construction zone and its integration into the city life. The architectural idea of the project is to recreate the atmosphere which will revive the area, strengthening its applied infrastructure and at the same time will increase its commercial and cultural significance.

During the tour, Serzh Sargsyan familiarized also with the project for the construction of a multifunctional business complex between Deghatun, V. Sarkissian and Khorenatsi Streets. According to the project, the compound will be filled with banking companies, other financial institutions and business structures. It was noted that the business center will be able to accommodate over 1000 employees of different companies working here. The project envisages also construction of a two-story underground parking lot. The compound is also notable for that fact that it will be constructed in full compliance with the European energy saving standards. Among the projects introduced to the President of Armenia was also the project for the construction of a three-story underground parking lot at the Sahumian Square.

Serzh Sargsyan observed also ongoing construction works at 3 V. Sargsyan lot (for the construction of the premises of the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Energy and Justice) as well as All-National (Sos Sarkissian) Theater.

During his tour, the President was informed on the parameters and construction works of the new highway which will connect Admiral Isakov Avenue and Leningradian Street. It was noted that in accordance with the master plan of Yerevan for 2005-2020, Admiral Isakov Avenue, which is an integral part of the Yerevan encircling highway (metropolitan highway for unobstructed movement of traffic), and Leningradian Street will be connected via highway. It is aimed at easing heavy traffic flows toward the center of the city. According to the responsible officials, traffic on the Leningradian Street, Tsiternakaberd roadway, Athens Street, and Isakov Avenue will unload significantly. At the same time, the Kiev Bridge will be connected directly to Isakov Avenue. It is also planned to build a tunnel passage on Leningradian Street. In perspective, the highway will be developed further and will stretch at the periphery of the projected Yerevan-Berd district and above the Hrazdan River, allowing a direct access to Arshakuniats Street. The hub connecting with Leningradian Street will also be developed in the future, connecting with the crossroad of Tichina and Sebastia Streets.

At the conclusion of the tour, President Serzh Sargsyan recapped and shared with Mayor Taron Margarian his impressions of the ongoing and future major projects and wished success to the Mayor in the implementation of these large-scale projects. The President noted that demands change and grow with the lapse of time and the implementation of such great programs is simply mandatory for Yerevan. Serzh Sargsyan stressed the importance of solving day-by-day problems of the city along with major programs and projects. Hailing efforts of Mayor Taron Margarian toward that end and noting that positive changes in Yerevan are observable, the President of Armenia underscored that the initiated works – development of backyards, landscaping, and cleaning of the city must be carried out with great enthusiasm and brought to their conclusion.

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