10, 2012

The President visited the archeological sites of special significance for Armenia’s ancient heritage


President Serzh Sargsyan visited today the archeological sites of special significance for Armenia’s ancient heritage – a dwelling on the territory of the historical capital Artashat, Shengavit and Erebuni historical and scientific refuge museums.

The President of Armenia familiarized with the results of the excavations and with the conditions and problems at the historical sites. He conversed about that with the heads of the archeological expeditions and officials responsible for the administration of the sites.

Excavations at the one of the oldest Armenian capitals – Artashat, established in the 180s BC on the territory of Lusarat comminity of Ararat marz, according to the archeologists allow to recreate the image of the one of the largest economic and cultural centers of the Ancient East and royal residence.

Shengavit, which is located In the south-western part of Yerevan on the left bank of Hrazdan river, is one of the most significant ancient sites of the Early Bronze Age (36-25 BC) in Armenia, where new excavations and research are being conducted. After familiarizing with the results of the archeological works, Serzh Sargsyan visited Erebuni historical and scientific refuge-museum. He observed its permanent exhibition and “Journey: Erebuni Yesterday and Today” temporary exhibition. It represents on a small scale the scientific journey taken by the ancient town- fortress, from regular excavations which started 50 years ago, up until 2008 when the joint Armenian-French excavations started.

At the conclusion of the visit to the ancient sites, at the Erebuni museum the President conducted a meeting with the participation of the RA Minister of Culture, officials responsible for the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage, and experts. At the meeting, presented was the general situation with the archeology in Armenia, as well as programs implemented jointly with the foreign partners. Among major programs of the last years, highlighted were excavations in Areni, Verin Naver, prospects of development of the Metsamor historical and scientific refuge-museum, excavation at the Erebuni archeological site, issues related to the preservation and restoration of the frescos. It was noted that the excavations envisaged by the joint programs have been going on; significant research is being conducted in the framework of these programs in laboratories abroad, which, according to the experts, has considerably enriched and brought qualitative changes to the original base for the studies of the remote past of our highland.

At the meeting discussed were also issues related to the improvement of the preservation works of Armenia’s ancient heritage, including restoration of archeological relicts, creation of proper conditions for their preservation, establishment of modern laboratories, building of the infrastructure making the archeological sites more accessible which will boost tourism, propagation of our archeological heritage and other issues.

Considering the fact that the raised issues are plenty and diverse, the President of Armenia suggested the specialists of the area together with the Ministry of Culture to conduct additional discussions and identify most important areas, set priorities in order to find extra means to solve the problems. Serzh Sargsyan assured that until now allocations from the state budget for the archeological works have been steadily increasing and said that the tendency will stay.

It was also underscored that the results of the archeological excavations and research also constitute a solid and irrefutable historical base for the scientific and political circles.


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