01, 2011

Congratulatory Address by President Serzh Sargsyan on the occasion of Army Day

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Dear Compatriots,
I congratulate you on the occasion of Army Day.

The value and significance of the Armenian regular army is obvious to us all, particularly at the present time. Regardless of what we say, or how many times, it's still not enough. Today, we should remember those who after a long interruption recreated the Armed Forces of Armenia. In the most difficult war and crisis situation our nation made a historic and irreversible step, pulling together all its power in name of that noble goal. Everyone gave whatever they could to the army which was just being born.

Today, “Our name is the Armenian Armed Forces” expression is stated proudly by every segment of our nation. The Army walked down the road of heavy losses and glorious victories, which essentially, has been our nation’s and our country’s road in modern history.

Everybody realized that our freedom and peace itself were not presented to us as gifts. We won them paying with blood, we, all together, won them in the cruelest war. Nobody knows the value of our blood better than we do. We emerged from all calamities with clear conscience, and that conscience is our Army – literally and allegorically.

Just as many of our churches stand on the relics of the saints, our army stands on the relics of our martyr friends - blessed names which make today’s holiday even more precious.

Dear Soldiers, Officers and Generals,

I extend my special congratulations to you since you are the face of our Armed Forces and because even in the 21st century the power of an army is defined first and foremost by its human factor. I know well all hardships of your daily, 24-hour long work. You carry out your duties with honor in the country as well as in your international missions. Certainly, capabilities of our Army today cannot be compared with the capabilities that we had during the war for Artsakh. Today, we have qualitatively different people and most importantly, you have been able to uphold the unyielding combat spirit and resolve.

Our region today is unthinkable without you, without the Armenian Army which is the guarantor of our peace, security and eternity.

Long live the glorious Army of Armenia!
Long live the Armenian nation!

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