11, 2010

Congratulatory Speech by President Serzh Sargsyan on the 10th Anniversary of the Union of Armenians of Russia

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Dear Friends,
Esteemed Guests,

I am happy to be present at the celebrations dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the Union of Armenians of Russia and its Fourth Congress. I extend my congratulations to you on the occasion of this jubilee. Ten years are not enough to call a person adult. However for an organization it’s a sufficient period of time to display all its abilities. This is your first but also very demanding jubilee which testifies to your well-organized and coherent activities and consolidation.

Because the largest Armenian Diaspora is in the Russian Federation, we constantly follow and take notice of your progress and problems. It also explains the fact that the organization which incessantly builds up its capacities – the Union of Armenians of Russia – strives to be among the leaders of the All-Armenian projects. Years of persistent work resulted in the Union’s becoming a unique mainstay around which the Armenians of Russia unite whereas to unite us, Armenians – a very independent, entrepreneurial and unique people - is a very difficult task.

It is true that by the whim of destiny, the majority of our nation lives outside the Motherland, the Motherland which many tried persistently to tear apart and cut up. And the only possible way to put an end to those recurring incidents was to reestablish our independent statehood. Today, the Republic of Armenia is the main guarantor of the Armenian nation’s existence, preservation, and development; it is also our national hearth whose security and prosperity depends on us.

Reestablishment of independent statehood is not an easy task but it is the greatest honor which our nation assumed willingly and deliberately, bearing full responsibility for the achievements and difficulties alike. We assumed that task because it is the only lasting and durable means to preserve ourselves. From the very first difficult days until now our brothers and sisters from Diaspora have been with us, standing by us.

The entire world-spread nation united over our reestablished statehood. Thanks to that very unity we were able to prevent premeditated genocide against the people of Artsakh, support the just cause of the people of Artsakh to exercise their right for self-determination and assist in warding off the attacks of the superior numbers of the adversary. We don’t put ourselves above anyone but will allow no one to abase us.

Dear Compatriots,

For centuries, in every corner of the world every Armenian has been our envoy also at the times when we did not have statehood. Today, more than ever we have to fortify good name of the Armenians through our honest and creative labor.

The Armenian community of Russia with its rich history and powerful human potential is a shining proof of my words. The contribution of our compatriots to the development of the Armenian-Russian cooperation is remarkable, particularly, regarding its economic component. It’s no accident that Russia is our strategic partner and reliable partner. It’s also no accident that Russia is the leader in the area of investment projects implemented in Armenia. This is a manifestation of exemplary interstate relations which are promoted also by the Armenian community of Russia.

Self-organization of the Armenian Diaspora is exemplary for many. However it doesn’t mean that we may relax or curtail our efforts. On the contrary, we should further strengthen ties between Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora, donating to the growth of our joint capacities.

Among first steps that I undertook as President was creation of the Ministry for Diaspora Affairs. It has already become a consummate structure which laid good foundation for our joint work. Our task now is to further expand the Armenia-Diaspora relations and ensure the proper use of our world-spread compatriots’ potential.

Dear Friends,

In conclusion, I would like to hail continuous activities of the Union of Armenians of Russia and numerous projects which are being implemented in Armenia. I once again congratulate you on the 10th Anniversary of your organization, wish you new success, productive work for the benefit of our nation and for the fulfillment of our national aspirations.


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