07, 2010

Congratulatory Address of President Serzh Sargsyan on the occasion of Constitution Day

Dear Fellow Citizens,

I congratulate us all on the occasion of Constitution Day.

The Referenda on the adoption of the Constitution and Constitutional Amendments manifested resolute stance of our people regarding the kind of country we want to build and regarding the values and principles that will guide us.

Our choice was deeply conscientious. Constitutional basic values are not only appropriate for our national image and our traditions but they are also universal and modern.

Unfortunately, in the last fifteen years we have not been able to fully call to life all the objectives and ideals enshrined in the Constitution – we have serious work to do on our road toward the becoming a completely social and jural state. However, the most important thing is that the Main Law of the Republic of Armenia, our national law system is working, and it is working efficiently.

Constitution is our formula of social accord. Today and for all time, our task is to follow unfalteringly the letter and spirit of the Constitution and to make the rule of law a lifestyle. Only this road will take us to the aspirations that we chose for us and our children fifteen years ago.

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