01, 2010

Congratulatory address by President Serzh Sargsyan on the occasion of Army Day

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Dear Fellow citizens,

Generals, Officers, and Soldiers,

I cordially congratulate you on the occasion of Army Day.

Creation and development of the Armenian Army is a historic achievement which became a reality right before our eyes. Loss of statehood and consequent absence of the army made us pay dearly many times – from the Middle Ages to 1915, and later, in Sumgait, Kirovabad, and Baku. Today, the Armenian Army dignifies our nation.

That dignity woke up all segments of our nation and particularly those volunteers who would become the anchor and basis of our regular army. Many of them put their young lives on the alter of the Motherland and freedom. Eternal glory, esteem, and gratitude to their shining memory.

The Armenian Army was born in flames, tears and blood of the war. Today, it continues to mature and strengthen. Today, the Armenian Army is the iron guarantee which secures our existence and advancement and will cool down any reckless adventurist.

Absence of strong, combat ready armed forces, may tip the balance in our region; in means that peace and stability may be endangered. Today, the role of our Army is not confined to the protection of our borders alone. Deepening international integration presents new tasks in different venues, which our Army also accomplishes effectively.

Dear Soldiers and Officers,

In addition to being a state and national holiday, this is also a professional holiday. This is a profession, which without any exaggeration can be called a mission and a calling to honorably carry on with the historic triumphs of the Armenian Army.

Your greatest mission is to safeguard Armenia’s security. Your high professionalism, ability to master modern technologies, and dignified posture are impregnable obstacles against any threat. And any one, who is contemplating provocation, must realize that there will be an immediate, powerful and also astonishing response from the Armenian Army – not to realize this would be very naive indeed.

For any normal country, which respects rights of people, nations, and states, the greatest achievement, is to prevent war. You fulfill that task completely and with dignity and enjoy admiration, respect, and trust of our people.

I once again congratulate you on the occasion of this glorious holiday and wish that peace reigns in our country and our region that our people carry on with their peaceful and creative work for the glory and advancement of Armenia.

Long live the Armenian Army!

And long live the Republic of Armenia!

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