08, 2009

Congratulatory message of President Serzh Sargsyan on the 19th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence

Dear Fellow Citizens,

Nineteen years ago on this day, the Supreme Council of Armenia adopted the Declaration of Independence, which became a historic and guiding document for the future of our country. It embodied the will of the people, who went through immeasurable sufferings, who paved their way in history with the cross, letters and sweat, and when necessary - also with the sword. It embodied the resolve of the people to build their own country on their own land.

The Declaration of Independence was received by the entire Armenian nation with great fervor since it was called upon to turn the centuries long Armenian dream of restoring independent statehood into reality.

With this document, which told the world the news of the political freedom of the people of Armenia, we asserted our ascension, which our Republic and our people have been pursuing steadfastly all these years, remaining faithful to the principles enshrined in the Declaration.

I cordially congratulate us all on the Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and wish you all the best.

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