05, 2008

Congratulatory message of President Serzh Sargsyan on Republic Day

Dear Compatriots:

I cordially congratulate you on the occasion of the Republic Day.

Ninety years ago, on this day, the centuries-long aspiration of our people became a reality: independent Armenian statehood was reinstalled. It became possible through the centuries-long fight, efforts of the brave sons of our nation, and glorious battles of Sardarapat, Bash-Aparan and Gharaqilis.

Today every one of us, in Armenia as well as in Diaspora, recalls those sons of our nation who won through the prevailing enemy forces and gave our people the long desired independence. Through their valor the country named Armenia reappeared on the political map of the world. Independence is never achieved effortlessly, and victories do not come as heavenly gifts. People gain it through great sacrifice, when call for independence and freedom sends them to life and death struggle.

Two and half yeas of the First Republic’s existence condensed fervor and grief, achievements and painful losses, and preserved in our collective memory three perpetual lessons of history.

The first lesson is the vitality of national unity. Our statehood born ninety years ago was the result of the national unity. The absence of that very unity became one of the main reasons of the failure of the First Republic. Today we have no right to be not united. More than ever we must preserve and keep alive the unity spirit of 1918.

The second lesson is the indispensability of statehood. There is no structure that can substitute the state for us, no ideology that can be placed above state interests. If our state weakens, we all become weaker, we all lose.

The third lesson is the confidence that we by ourselves can deal with the challenges. No one can solve the problems our country faces but us; no one can protect us, develop our economy, strengthen democracy and make Armenia a progressive state. All of that we must do ourselves. We should act not to surprise or please someone but for our own sake. History proved that no one is more interested in Armenia’s advancement that we are – the citizens of the Republic of Armenia.

Today we enter a new stage of reforms, and for the coming years it will be a really important juncture for the history of our country. We are destined to make our country stronger and make our lives better, we will continue to develop and it will show in all the areas of our life – political, economic, scientific, and cultural. I am sure that the results will show promptly, and will be tangible for every one.

Our country has a bright future; however the authorities cannot be the only one responsible for tomorrow. In this regard every son and daughter of our nation has work to do. To be a citizen of the Republic of Armenia is a great honor, to serve our people – is a noble mission.

On this festive day I wish you all the best and great success in all your undertakings.

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