03, 2021

The life of Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan is a guide to military courage, military education and military-patriotic upbringing. President Armen Sarkissian

The President of the Republic Armen Sarkissian sent a message of condolences on the death of Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan:

“I feel unspeakable pain. Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan, the legendary Commandos, is no longer with us.

The death of Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan is not just the loss of a military man and a brilliant commander. He was a military figure who had an immense contribution to the organization and development of our army, and our military achievements, guided by a desire to serve his country until the end of his life.

We will long yet need Commandos’s knowledge of military art and science, his standards of morality, experience, and skills, which he brilliantly applied during the First Artsakh War.

His life is a guide to military courage, military education, and military-patriotic upbringing: how to live, how to serve the homeland, how to remain faithful to your profession and principles, how to dedicate yourself to Artsakh and fight for Artsakh's freedom, and how not to betray Shushi and Artsakh …

I offer my condolences to Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan's family, relatives, and comrades-in-arms, and I share their grief.” 

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