09, 2013

President sent a letter of condolences on demise of the national benefactor Gerard Cafesjian


President Serzh Sargsyan sent a letter of condolences to the Cafesjian family on demise of the national benefactor Gerard Cafesjian.

“For years, Mr. Cafesjian was making his weighty contribution to the strengthening of Armenia-Spyurk relations. His activities set an example for all those individuals who wanted to bring tangible assistance to motherland Armenia. I highly value his patriotic initiatives. His abilities of an accomplished organizer, generous and magnanimous benefactor manifested most intensely in the transformation of the Cascade in Yerevan and in the creation of the Cafesjian Center for the Arts which deservedly have become one of the most beloved and recognizable sites of our capital.

At this time of grieving, I express my deepest condolences to the family and friends of Gerard Cafesjian,” the Presidential letter of condolences reads.

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