02, 2019

The prestigious Summit of Minds French Conference for the first time will take place in Armenia under the auspices of the President of Armenia

The Summit of Minds, which is held every year in Chamonix, France, this year for the first time will take place in Armenia. The Armenian Summit of Minds will take place on June 7-9 in Yerevan and Dilijan. The key partner of the Summit is The Monthly Barometer prestigious analytical magazine.

The exclusive agreement on holding this event was reached back in September 2018 when President Armen Sarkissian participated as the key speaker to the annual Summit of Minds.

The Summit is a prestigious event which is attended by over 300 celebrated and influential political figures, scientists, entrepreneurs and investors, large companies and media tycoons from all over the world. The main objective of the event is to present new ideas regarding the most pressing global issues and establishment of the mutually trustworthy relations through the candid discussions.

Armenia is the first country which will host the Summit of Minds besides Chamonix.
The main topic of the Armenian Summit of Minds will bear the title “Regional Geopolitics, Economy, and Investments: The Impact of Multipolarity on Trade and Investment Flows.”

Famous speakers from different countries will make presentations on this topic. One of the special features of the event to be held in Armenia is the rich cultural program which will include visits to the historical and cultural sites of Armenia to familiarize the participants of the conference with the history and culture of Armenia and the Armenian nation.

Holding of such event in Armenia, visits of influential individuals and leaders representing business, scientific, and political areas will enhance the international standing of our country. The Summit is an exceptional opportunity for presenting Armenia’s potential, revealing new areas for cooperation, and establishment of business ties.

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